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perfect timing Elsa,
this is very healing to me.
Thank you for your help
by Juergen Friedrich from germany

So beautifully expressed, so honest. You have gone so deep in your search for truth, not just about yourself but that of so many.


You have take hurt and turned it into healing not just yourself but expressing it to others for them to know they can break the armor and be free to feel the emotions of love, joy and sadness. To not live in fear and have to build a shield to protect themselves.
by alice from usa

Thank you, dear Elsa, for your wonderful story. It has touched my heart and helped to unblock and release the flow of love from my inner child. For over 60 years I longed for my parents to tell me that they loved me unconditionally, which sadly they were not able to do. I have never really spoken to my inner child until today.
by colin pollard from uk

a quote by matt kahn