storyweek — bonus: inner child activation
hi, its Elsa and this is StoryWeek, the bonus day.

if you would not say it to a five-year-old child crying in pain, don’t say it to yourself or anyone else.
by Matt Kahn

i made my jobs more important than my innocence.
i made the world more important than my innocence.
i made my devices more important than my innocence.
i made my relationships more important than my innocence.
i made my unhealthy habits more important than my innocence.
i made my spiritual practices more important than my innocence.

let's see how we can be kinder towards ourselves.

i remember when in october 2016 i first heard of matt kahn. in no time i took a deep dive into his teachings.

slowly, video by video, i devour his youtube channel. and also, i purchased his book whatever arises love that which became my bible to be.

his words worked magic with me.

for the very first time i felt heard and seen as never before. i felt i see you. whatever he said, i felt i am loved in the polarity of a human experience. my darkness was okay. my pain was okay. by fears were okay. my story was okay.

never have i come across with blame in his words. never judgement. never nothing to use spiritual teachings against myself.

i remember when i saw his video emotional oneness.

on that day my life was never the same. i knew without knowing, this is my path. i am called to reunite my mind and heart in a holy matrimony. to bring them together as sacred soulmates. to love the unloved parts of myself.

i didn’t know how but his words and activation became a roadmap to the world unheard and unseen in my limited views.

and now i’ll pass it over to matt kahn. here’s an intro to the message that cracked me open; that gave me the tools i use today.

the message

words from matt kahn

you wanna make peace with your innocence that says, “i am so sorry that i spent so much of my life trying to be valued, validated and honored by other people in my life who didn’t treat themselves respectfully. who didn’t know how to treat me with respect. and instead of being the one that loves you the way other people couldn’t. i spent my life trying to earn the approval of people that were never designed to give me approval. and i am sorry that i made people that didn’t treat you properly more important than you.”

and like a child who says, “hey mom, i know you’re with your new lover but i feel frightened in his presence.”

and mom says, “sorry sweetie, this is who i am with now. i’ve chosen him over you.”

that’s what lurks and recesses in our body.

it’s a feeling that the world is more important than your innocence. lovers are more important than your innocence. jobs are more important than your innocence. spiritual status and attainment are more important than your innocence.

and why do you suppose you find relationships they fall apart. you find jobs they feel good, they fall apart. and nothing fulfils you.

this innocence says, “you are not gonna be fulfilled by any of it because i am your main priority. and i will deconstruct every joy in your life until there’s nothing else for you to face but me.”

that’s the real spiritual journey.

and then when you start learning things like “oh that’s ego. i am just gonna sit and be silent and let it pass. it is an illusion. i am not the body.” boy does that piss of your innocence.

all the spiritual one lighters just make the shadow darker and angrier, and turn consciousness into a cosmic Metallica concert.

consciousness can be a whole lot darker than we know how to pretend to be enlightened.

so step number one is that we make peace with our innocence because bringing the mind and heart into a holy matrimony, reuniting with the consciousness of our body as if to say, “i am sorry you didn’t feel loved and adored by other people from the past. i am here to pay back the emotional debt what people didn’t give you, which is what karma is. i am gonna love you and love all of the feelings and thoughts that arise to pay back the debt that no one else was able to give you and clear the karma.”

clearing the karma is that i am no longer at odds with my innocence. bring my mind and heart together as one, let both dissolve into the light that collapses into the gut and then from there the experience of unity, oneness with god is experienced.

but even that as beautiful as an experience will be, will only pay in comparison to the relief you feel when your innocence and you are on the same page and engaging in a heart-centred and trustworthy relationship.

that’s the gospel.

we all get there sooner or later because you hit what i call the spiritual wall. boy, do i love the spiritual wall. its when you start to realize, i have learned everything. i have kept it straight. i have been the greatest student, and its all blowing up.

its blowing up so that we can take a journey to get really honest with ourselves because the inner child just wants you to focus on two things in order for you to repair this relationship. and the two things are honesty and self-love.

that’s why i teach loving what arises because i am not only here as a messenger of the universe. i am here to help you to make peace with your inner child. so we can call tonights transmission, a message from your inner child.

a message from your inner child.

your inner child doesn’t care how spiritual you are. it doesn’t care what you try to remember and keep straight. and the more you try to wake up each day thinking, i am gonna do these things in a certain way to earn my imaginary gold spiritual stars, boy will it sabotage everything and makes sure it doesn’t happen. it doesn’t care.

all it cares about is that you learn to rely on it.

if you can just stop and say . . .

inner child, you are so important in my journey. i need you. i need you and we are here to do this together.

it will start to feel included in your journey and all the things that you can’t work hard enough to clear and cleanse out of your field will dissolve in a snap of a fingers.

that’s revolutionary.

inner child activation

repeat after matt kahn
and here’s the activation that invited my little elsa to come out and play; to gradually bring my unloved parts home into the light where they belong.
repeat after matt kahn

dearest inner child
i am so sorry
if you’ve ever felt hurt, abandoned,
rejected or doubted
by anyone in the past
or if you’ve ever felt
that i have lived in a way
that is excluded you from my experience
made you feel less than
if i judged you
by calling you an ego
by thinking that you’re a barrier to god
that you’re something for me to get away from
as if you weren’t
a pivotal part of my journey
as if you weren’t the guardian to my highest self
and i am so sorry
if my interest in spirituality
made you feel
like the invisible sibling
that’s never enough for my attention
i am sorry of lovers
seemed more important than loving you
and when you felt unsafe
around the people i surrounded myself with
i am sorry i did not hear your request
and instead
try to desperately make people
that made you feel unsafe
validate my existence
instead of keeping you safe
i am so sorry
please forgive me
let this moment
be a restart
where we make peace
allowing the mind and a heart
to reunite
and we come together
in the oneness of love
to engage in consciousness
so that the war within myself can end
and i can finally feel the joy of being myself
as a conscious parent
to my own innocence
that no longer has to act so desperately
to earn my loving approval
and no longer has to create
existential crises
in order to motivate me to send love to it
i love you
i am sorry
please forgive me
i did not know how deeply you are hurt
and i vow from this moment forward
to be the one
that keeps you safe
that allows you to speak whatever you need to say
that listens to anything that you wanna share
and that loves and adores you
as only i can love and adore you

that’s spirituality.

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