daily mantra

hi lovely,

its getting quite personal here, huh?

today, i’ll keep it short. below is a mantra i wrote to myself in february, and since then i wake up with these words in repeat.

i am not afraid to ask guidance. and today, as any day, i need it more than ever.

here’s my daily mantra (aimed to my heart):

sweet elsa,

you are…

the doorway of my soul.
the centre of my universe.
and the vulnerability of my heart.

please lets join forces.

i invite you to help me
to feel and experience everything
with openness ever present,
and to share your courage
combined with mine
so we can use our light
to recognise the light
within the darkest of things.

lets love fully and humbly.

i am the light the light i am.

written: february 2018

my old mantra, one i replaced with this, can be found here →

do you have words you say to yourself?

mantra is just a combination of words or a simple word. it can be whatever—any word, any sentence—there are zero rules! seek your own words that bring relaxation to you.

it’s not about believing it, its about feeling it. and maybe today is a good day to gift yourself the unknown of the known—words your mind struggles to say but your heart desires to hear.

this might be a good step to give yourself what you most desire.

i love you,

a quote of the week, “feel the words.”