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the power of what if

all tuesday’s questions are created with an intent to help you honor the diversity of life’s miraculous play. to make it more personal, all questions are delivered in first person.

each question is an inquiry to your own heart.

first question got shipped in february 26, 2019.

an advanced teaching is something that confuses you, that’s simple zen, that’s so advanced in its simplicity that there’s nothing to think about.
by Matt Kahn

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111 *  what if my life always makes sense to my soul while it’s only confusing to my ego?

110 *  what if i cannot ever go off course? what if whatever happens, happens, it’s all a part of my journey?

109 *  what if i can’t change what i can’t admit?

108 *  what if i have to be willing to lose it all only to gain holy access to learn that there’s actually nothing to lose?

107 *  what if not knowing what’s next is life’s way of guiding me to a better tomorrow?

106 *  what if my destiny has nothing to do with the things i choose?

105 *  what if misfortune is here to show me the quality of my beliefs?

104 *  what if my thoughts don’t create my reality since all reality already exists?

103 *  what if i don’t have to know what i want in order to attract the life i desire?

102 *  what if i do more for the world when i learn to like myself?

101 *  what if people can meet me only as deeply as they’ve met themselves?

100 *  what if meaning is an option? what if taking a break from meaning gives me less to process and more to receive?

99 *  what if my ego plays no part in how, why, and what i manifest? what if all manifestations happen beyond egos control?

98 *  what if when i give myself the permission to dislike my experiences, i am then able to face not fight my experiences?

97 *  what if life doesn’t have to go my way in order for me to be happy?

96 *  what if when there’s a cause of happiness then i am guaranteed to be unhappy? but when there’s no cause for my unhappiness, what if happiness is what arises within me?

what if only reasons cause unhappiness?

95 *  what if things may not always please me but they are always destined to play the role that awake my highest evolution?

94 *  what if the more sensitive i become the more immune i become to hurt and the safer i feel?

93 *  what if i feel unworthy only when i am spiritually aware but emotionally unsupported by myself?

92 *  what if rules are only for people who are afraid to make choices? and what if rules create criminals?

91 *  what if even when i am sick i am just as worthy as when i am healthy?

90 *  what if darkness only lurks in me so i have greater purpose to love myself deeper as never before?

89 *  what if the best way to wake up the unconsciousness of my divine masculine within is through creativity (like art, writing, dancing, etc)?

88 *  what if i need to step out of my comfort zone to gain experiences i came here to face?

87 *  what if the more i loose the more i open up to receive greater gifts which i have always been destined to receive?

86 *  what if when i befriend my own anger it acts as a guardian of my energy field by protecting my own innocent nature?

85 *  what if change only happens to crack me open in order to bring me out of my hiding spot so that i no longer find comfort in playing so small?

84 *  what if the mature journey says, whatever i learned along the way is worth more than staying in unhealthy relationships?

83 *  what if when i need to know something it will come to me without trying to google or read or psychoanalyse my way into an answer?

82 *  what if i do what works until it doesn’t?

81 *  what if the reason i can’t let go of something is because [my-name] is not the one who let’s go? but what if i can let go of [my-name] needing to be different?

and when i can’t let go of the way i am, what if it’s the way i am supposed to be right now?

80 *  what if fear simply means i don’t know how to handle all the excitement coming my way?

79 *  what if i am never in conflict with my feelings and expectations, but instead, i am in conflict with my interpretations?

78 *  what if i am always in flow but the only times when i don’t feel i am in flow is when i am fighting with my experiences and feelings?

77 *  what if my loving nature is a weakness only if i am waiting for other people to love me back the same way?

76 *  what if i can manifest what i want but it’s not going to change how i feel?

75 *  what if to understand what’s happening is to be where i don’t want to be?

74 *  what if my values determine how much i respect myself, which also, show the respect i have for others?

73 *  what if the law of attraction is — if things come my way they can only change me for the better?

72 *  what if going slow is going fast?

71 *  what if the more i choose to be here right now the better things will feel?

if so, i invite you to use this mantra, “i choose to be in this world. i choose to live. i choose to be in my body, no matter what.”

70 *  what if no matter what i think, say, or do, i always carry out the highest will of the universe, even if my ego perceives as if i have made mistakes and will make mistakes?

69 *  what if when i use — i, me, my — instead of — you, they, us, we — i share my personal thoughts and feeling authentically?

68 *  what if the right person doesn’t need a chance? what if the right person is the one i can’t resist?

67 *  what if all people, places, and things are not obstacles on my way, but instead, they’re opportunities for greater possibilities?

66 *  what if i don’t have to be a slave for promises i’ve given?

what if i can give myself the permission to change my mind at any time by choosing something different from what i chose before, or by cancelling my promise altogether?

65 *  what if when i embrace breakdown i welcome transformation to step into my highest potential?

64 *  what if i don’t have to desire something different in order to attract something different?

63 *  what if being open to whatever arises in my view is how i tell life, “show me the plan you have for me, and thank you for choosing me for this mission”?

62 *  what if when i don’t know what i desire there’s nothing on the way of fulfilment?

what if fulfilment is not about getting what i want but instead, it’s in being myself without limitations?

61 *  what if i don’t get what i want only because i am not meant to receive it yet?

60 *  what if when i do the most courageous thing i can do right now i am not consumed by fear? what if to anchor the opposite vibration to fear, such as love, i discharge fear and anchor more love?

59 *  what if during these intense times, it’s never wrong to feel my emotions, even if they overwhelm me to the point of happy or sad tears?

58 *  what if life knows what i want, and it will bring me all of what i want when my worthiness says, i am ready to receive it with inspiration instead of intimidation

what if all those things life knows of what i want are more fulfilling beyond anything i can envision?

57 *  what if it’s not about trying to attract people with no baggage but it’s in attracting people whose baggage is not projected on to me?

56 *  what if the role of other people in the stage of my awakening is to reflect to me all the things i have resolved within myself?

55 * what if my selfless act towards another turns into a selfish act towards myself?

what if selfless is actually selfish because i hold healing from myself and from others that only my actions and truth can bring forth?

54 *  what if any physical manifestation of disease is for the body and soul to catch up?

what if my vibration is so high that in order to ground and be totally still i have been put into bed?

what if it’s a tremendous cry for integration?

53 *  1-year anniversary


exactly a year ago, i sent out the first tuesday‘s question:

what if people are not judging me? what if people are just responding to what their experience would be if they were in my body?

all 52 questions were questions i need/ed to hear.

i hope they have helped you as much as they have helped me to judge less. to blame less. to be more honest. to feel more.

and, what if today i could hear from you?

  • maybe you would you like to share how the what-if-questions have helped or supported you in your daily life?
  • maybe you have written your own questions? if so, would you like to share them?
  • maybe you have ideas for improvements?

any feedback helps me to help you better.

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52 *  what if any form of illness is a desperate cry for integration accompanied with a message from the universe, “darling, please slow down and treat yourself with loving-kindness”?

51 *  what if i have no sins to redeem? what if i live in a sinless sin?

50 *  what if love is the only true liberator, but not people, places, things? what if self-love sets me free from any degrees of pain?

49 *  what if high vibration does not determine what i manifest? what if high vibration is the rate through which i resiliently recover from each manifestation and transform it to my highest aspects?

48 *  what if i don’t have to like what’s happening? what if its okay to dislike? what if to dislike, it helps me to understand when and where i am not resonating with a certain level of reality?

47 *  what if projecting anger drains my energy?

what if to release my anger through the practice of creativity is a gift for all to receive?

what if my practice of creativity awakens the unconscious masculine, and in doing so, the process of creativity will balance my divine masculine and divine feminine for the benefit of all?

46 *  what if everything that changes can only change me for the better?

45 *  what if anyone who blames me, or another, is not happy within themselves? what if who blames is drowning in their own suffering, and has no love for themselves to give, hence, has no love to give me, too?

44 *  what if i get to heaven no matter the cards i have been dealt, and no matter the choices i make?

43 *  what if when i am present with my emotional needs the more emotionally free i become?

42 *  what if the adversities i face in my life (e.g. inconveniences, frustrations, pain, loss) are not forms of punishment from the universe, or paybacks from karmic debt?

what if all adversities are here to show me where my love needs to go?

41 *  what if the more happy i become, the more energy and light i will radiate into this planet, and the more other people around me become uplifted by my vibration?

what if in becoming happier no ones unhappiness no longer pulls me down into unhappiness, but instead, my happiness neutralises their pain, and uplifts their experience?

40 *  what if the inferior events happening in the world are only here to help wake up the greater consciousness within me so i can shine my light brighter as never before?

39 *  what if any form of intuition is a reminder of my most courageous choice i can live out now?

38 *  what if my honesty is the tool that helps me to feel more relaxed anywhere, at any time, with anyone?

what if its my authentic honesty that helps me to breathe in the unknown of the unexpected?

37 *  what if when i stay interested i am not afraid?

36 * what if my inner child doesn’t care how spiritual i am? what if it doesn’t care what i try to remember, and do right?

what if it doesn’t care about my spiritual wisdom, and collecting my imaginary gold spiritual stars after every checkpoint?

what if my inner child only cares that i learn to rely on it in order to repair my relationship with it? and, what if to do that, i need honesty and self-love?

if so, i invite you to stop, and put your hand on your heart, and say, “inner child, you are so important on my journey. i need you. we are here to do this together. please join me. i need you.”

what if to say that, my inner child starts to feel included on my journey and all the things that i can’t work hard enough to clear and cleanse out of my field will dissolve in a snap of fingers?

35 *  what if what is a gift for me is an insight for all?

34 *  what if to surrender to life’s schedule, life brings me all that i need, and secretly desire?

if so, i invite you to use this mantra, “life i am ready to be guided on your timetable. i am ready to take this journey on your schedule. life, you’re only here to make me better. lead the way. i will rip up my map. i will toss away my plans. life show me the plan you have for me and thank you for choosing me for this mission.”

33 *  what if no amount of change can enter my field unless its designed to change me for the better? and, what if everything changes me for the better whenever i am still?

32 *  what if i don’t need to put all things together, figure all things out, decide anything, get things right there n’ then, and put all the pieces together in a snap, or together on the go?

what if i don’t need to work so hard to improve myself?

31 *  what if all healing occurs on my behalf? what if all i need to do is to breathe in a change to be able to receive what i need right now?

30 *  what if whatever happened happened, i’ve done nothing wrong? what if my thoughts are okay, my feelings are okay, my story is okay? what if i’ve done nothing wrong?

29 *  what if i have to admit to myself where i am now in order to go where i need to go next?

28 *  what if feeling how i feel and being honest about my experience is always the right direction?

27 *  what if more information doesn’t equal more wisdom but it’s in less information where there’s more wisdom wherein more equals more time for integration?

26 *  what if when i get my mind and heart of the same page, mentally and emotionally, it brings me the benefit to feel relaxed in the face of adversity?

25 *  what if i must learn to love myself to be able to handle the magnitude of what life has in store for me?

24 *  what if my busy mind is showing me where my love needs to go? saying, please focus on how i feel, and if possible, please talk kindly with me as if i am a 5-year-old child in need?

23 *  what if being with myself is how i become myself?

22 *  what if when i feel relaxed it indicates that i move with the pace of my heart?

21 *  what if ego is my spirituality in its infancy who lashes out only coz its afraid of never being honored, respected and loved by me or anyone else?

what if ego fears to be loved by me, thinking it’ll have no role to play when integration dawns?

20 *  what if when it’s not a hell yes, it’s always a hell no? meaning, when in doubt i go without?

19 *  what if whatever i speak to another is a love letter sent to myself?

18 *  what if i don’t need to do anything else except be as i am to wake up in the presence of people, places, things?

17 *  what if what i want is not what my body, mind, heart, and soul needs?

16 *  what if people give back my power by disappointing the shit out of me?

15 *  what if i don’t need what i want in order to feel different in my body?

14 *  what if any marriage vow is a message to myself to reunite my mind and heart in a holy matrimony?

13 *  what if every moment is a sacred moment of transformation?

12 *  what if no one can be blamed for anything? what if everything is no ones fault?

11 *  what if the directionless perfection of my highest destiny can only be found one choice at a time?

10 *  what if to breathe with myself is to love myself?

9 *  what if i have to open myself up when it doesn’t feel safe in order for safety to be discovered?

8 *  what if all love songs ever written are written to my own innocent heart to show where my love needs to go?

7 *  what if today, as any other day, is an opportunity to establish greater faith in the divine plan that always has my best interest at heart no matter how rocky of a road i seem to explore?

6 *  what if when i watch with blame, i am feeding it? but when i watch with no blame, i am transforming it?

5 *  what if taking responsibility of my journey is not the same as trying to control what’s up next?

4 *  what if it doesn’t matter what happens — what comes and goes, what others say or do — but it matters what i say to myself when life happens?

3 *  what if i need more of what i dislike and less or what i like to wake up from the dream of dislike? you know, something that feels good in my body but something that my mind is afraid of?

2 *  what if the worst thing that ever happened to me is the greatest experience i have been given to grow and evolve?

1 *  what if people are not judging me? what if people are just responding to what their experience would be if they were in my body?


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