i do things differently and that's my spirituality

hi, i am elsa.

i help people heal through stories.

🔥 it’s my superpower 🙏

i am a writer. a traveler. and a lover.

i am also, a proud gay woman who happens to be happily single.

happening now →

i spent my first 8 years in an orphanage. then, the next 18 years at a home. and then 6 years abroad. from which 10’000 km on a bicycle, and 36 months moneyless through 27 countries.

my certifications are my lifelong experiences. no diplomas. no fancy papers. just life itself, the greatest teacher of all.

my hearts desire is to listen and to see how fears learn to love.

pss. this one is a state-secret ― the project LOVE OR FEAR is what i need the most. each day i show up to go where’s fear and lead with courage, hopefully, together with you 🚀

currently, i am writing a book in english at my parent’s home in estonia. it’s about an epic clash between the mind and the heart and how everything in our life is a gift.

the project


we heal through stories

the mission

we go where’s fear and lead with courage.

the vision

fear learns to love through a simple power of storytelling.

LOVE OR FEAR is a home where . . .

. . . blame ends
. . . minds relax
. . . hearts open

here, we heal through stories.

we share real stories from real people with real lives.

no fiction. only the unspoken.

in LOVE OR FEAR . . .

. . . your feelings are safe
. . . your thoughts are safe
. . . your story is safe

whatever happened, happened. you’ve done nothing wrong.

. . . your pain is okay
. . . you can be honest
. . . you can speak your truth

and then, the rest follows.

here, your fears are loved. period.

come as you are. be who you are.

we connect → we speak up + we feel → we heal

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let's heal through stories, together.

my north

the key words

— *  love
— *  honesty
— *  truth
— *  faith
— *  connection
— *  vulnerability
— *  relaxation
— *  openness
— *  safety
— *  hope

love always wins

speaking about our experiences gives a voice to the voiceless parts within ourselves.

by Matt Kahn


they were fun to make
in january 2019
in june - october 2015
in february 2014


places you might have seen me
spring 2018 ~ in estonian
spring 2017 ~ in estonian
winter 2016 ~ in estonian
twenty articles
summer 2014 ~ in estonian

my prayers

love letter to my heart

sweet elsa, you are…

the doorway of my soul.
the centre of my universe.
and the vulnerability of my heart.

please lets join forces.

i invite you to help me
to feel and experience everything
with openness ever present,
and to share your courage
combined with mine
so we can use our light
to recognise the light
within the darkest of things.

lets love fully and humbly.

i am the light the light i am.

love letter to fear

fear, please teach me
how to love you,
and how can i help bring you
into the light where you belong.

fear, please show me
the evolutionary gifts of you.

whenever you’re ready,
i am here, heart open.

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let's heal through stories, together.


written in january 2018

what comes comes anyways.
why ‘what’ comes is what i need.
when ‘why’ comes is divinely timed in me.

i will become aware of it, to feel it.
i will feel it, to transform it.
i will transform it, to be it.
and i will survived it, to live it.